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“Martial Focused on Personal and Community Development in Aurora & Centennial

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<strong><v>Focused on Personal and Community Development in Aurora & Centennial</v></strong>

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See what people are saying about Colorado Martial Arts Academy


December 02, 2019

Since joining a year ago, our son has not only improved his athletic abilities significantly, he has also learned a lot about discipline and the culture of traditional martial arts. It reflects in his martial arts skill and behavior in class, as well as with his life outside of the class. I can't recommend this school enough. Jesse Bernal and his instructors provide quality training in martial art... Read More

Selma Hamid

December 02, 2019

Great facility for all age . Three of my children enjoy the classes. The trainers are very helpful, kind and professional.... Read More

Amy Jackson

October 07, 2019

Super awesome place! My son and I both train here and we love it! Warm, welcoming environment. The instructors are great.... Read More

Rachel Brown

December 02, 2019

My 5 year old daughter has been attending Little Ninja’s classes at Colorado Martial Arts Academy since this past December and we couldn’t be more happy with our experience! As an Early Learning educator, I am immensely impressed with Mr. Jesse’s approach and methods with these little athletes. Lessons are concise, fun, and effective, ensuring children are able to stay engaged, w... Read More

Sarah H

August 19, 2019

The team at Colorado Martial Arts Academy are amazing! Our son is learning valuable skills, and the coaches couldn't be more supportive. An amazing family environment!... Read More

Robin Ruocco Poling

December 02, 2019

A great facility for all ages.... Read More

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Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

Learn More About What Makes Colorado Martial Arts Academy The Right Choice For You And Your Family

Kids Karate near Centennial


Martial arts training instills a powerful sense of confidence. From your very first class with us, you'll feel ready to face and overcome any obstacle.

Kids Karate near Centennial


The focus and perseverance you learn as you master each new martial arts technique will empower you to succeed in school or at the workplace.

Kids Karate near Centennial


The martial arts will empower you to protect yourself and your loved ones, no matter where life takes you. Live fearlessly when you start training today.

Kids Karate near Centennial

New Friends & Mentors

Martial arts is about friends and family as much as it is about fitness. Reconnect with your community through martial arts classes today!

Experience The Difference With Colorado Martial Arts Academy

We strive to give children, teens and adults in our community the tools needed to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Our Martial Arts Programs & Fitness classes have been designed to guide our students on a path to greater physical prowess and strong core values. With a community of new friends and mentors from across Aurora & Centennial they'll learn effective verbal and physical self-defense skills!

For Children, too much or too little confidence are equally harmful. To help your child reach their full potential, our instructors are caring, compassionate, and direct -- they'll provide expert training in a safe, fun environment where children of all abilities and backgrounds can thrive. Our custom designed Character In Action development program will assist your child in developing vital skills and values, like focus, respect and discipline.

Starting as young as 4 years old, we teach children how to punch and kick with proper form. Training in Martial Arts isn't about learning to fight -- it's about developing a powerful sense of self, instilling positive values, creating unwavering confidence, and being part of a supportive community. There’s a good reason why people talk about the mental and physical benefits that come from Martial Arts training!

Parents have said, training in the Martial Arts is a great way to keep children active and fit between seasons of baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Adult students experienced greater flexibility, total-body fitness, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. Martial Arts is unique activity because Parents and Children can do it together, as a family!

We offer a flexible schedule for your convenience. Try out your FIRST CLASS to see if our community at Colorado Martial Arts Academy is a good fit for you!

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