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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Martial Arts, Karate, Tang Soo Do teach my child to be hostile and aggressive?

Peace and calm is the aim of a Traditional Martial Arts, like Tang Soo Do. Children will learn to be respectful and polite in our classes while learning to control their bodies and minds.

Kids without any behavior issues will become even better behaved, while kids who have issues with respect and discipline will gain manners and focus for everyday life.

Will my child enjoy martial arts? Will they want to stick with it for a while?

Normally parents have to hassle kids about making it to activities on time. Our students enjoy their time in class so much, that parents can use Karate Class as an incentive to promote good behavior at home and more academic success in school.

We teach kids through fun activities and games, though there are plenty of moments when intense focus and concentration skills are required. Even the most energetic kids are able to learn a new skill, increase self-esteem and gain the attitude of, "I can do anything I set my mind to!"

Is martial arts a skill/talent that will give my child pride and confidence?

Yes! Lots of kids perform their natural martial arts moves in talent shows or show their friends. People are always impressed. The praise children receive helps build their self-esteem and confidence. Kids feel good knowing they can something that's "cool" and different. 

Does my child or i face a risk of injury with martial arts?

Our programs are safe. We have many measures in place to insure that you and your child will stay sage while having a great time. Our Staff is trained in stretching and warmups in addition to offering very close supervision - we've got you and your child covered. Minor injuries can happen but they're quite rare.

Can I and or my child do martial arts even if we aren't athletic?

Yes! In fact, martial arts is often a "home" for Adults and Kids who don't excel at team sports. People who don't do well in traditional sports like basketball, baseball, etc. often come to martial arts and do extremely well. It's okay if you or your child aren't athletic right now. Through our classes fitness levels will increase and so will athletic ability.

What ages do you teach?

We have kids classes for children as young as 3 years old, through teens and adults.

We teach all ages, young, and old alike! One of our mottos is "Do what you can." Meaning, perform to a level that is YOUR personal best.

Will adults and kids be in the same classes?

We have one class a week, where we allow parents of our 12 and under students train with their kids. It's an awesome opportunity for parents to spend time with their children while having fun and getting some exercise! Please contact us for more information about the time and day of this class. 

Are there other beginners like me?

Yes! Our classes have people of all experience levels. Every class has beginners and more advanced students who are available to help you learn.

Is there violence involved in martial arts?

People often mistake self-defense for violence. We teach a Traditional system of self-defense. Proper self-defense means using common sense to AVOID violence. knowing how to defend yourself will give you confidence and peace. Many people who have had issues with violence in the past often find calm and balance through their practice of the Martial Arts.



Only a little more than 5% of kids practice martial arts, so if your child isn't among this small group, we've got your back. 95% of the time, parents know what their kids will enjoy, but there are some instances when martial arts isn't a perfect fit. Which is why we have our money back guarantee! 

If for any reason, you don;t feel our classes are a good fit for you or your child, we'll provide a full refund.

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